Review retopologize and uv unwrap your 3d model Service

Have you sculpt an awesome model and don’t know what to do next? The topology (edge flow) is a mess and everything is triangulate. Wary no more.

Hi. I’m Ismayel Alam and I’m here to help you out. I can clean up all the mess in a professional way. Either it’s for VFX production or Game I can provide you with low poly, all quads, model.

By purchasing my service I’ll ensure that your model has:


  • Customize edge flow based on your need.
  • All quads.
  • Minimum stars.
  • As low-poly as possible.
  • Retain all the details.

UV unwrap:

  • Minimum seams.
  • Maximum use of UV tile.
  • UDIMs if needed.
  • No stretching at all.
  • Uniform Texel Density.

Customer service is my priority, so if you purchase my service you can sit back and relax. Your task will be complete and delivered on time.

From customer offer to delivery I’ll update you on every step every day.

Worst case scenario, if you don’t like the final work, there is a money-back guarantee


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