Review paint environment or background concept Service

My name is Sara and I’m a professional concept artist working in the entertainment industry.

I will paint an environment or background for you.


To book an order, please first message me. We will discuss your ideas and come to an agreement that we are both happy with. Simpler paintings will take less time and be cheaper


I communicate with you every step of the way, using both 2D and 3D techniques

  1. I will first create a rough shape block in of your environment and from that design a series of 3-6 thumbnails of your painting.
  2. Once a thumbnail is selected with the necessary tweaks and discussion, I will move on to creating a more solid 3D base, cleaning it up, and adding sketch details on top.
  3. Once this base sketch is approved, I move on to applying flat colors and providing you with 3-6 rough flat color variations exploring mood, lighting and style.
  4. Once a color palette is selected, I move on to finalizing the painting and rendering it to the best of my capabilities, integrating it with 3D elements and photo-realistic textures where necessary. This step takes the longest time to ensure a high quality.


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