Review model a low poly 3d character with rig and animation Service

For this gig, I will model, rig, animate or light and render out a professional quality low poly 3d character for your project. It will be modeled in a way to suit your needs, be it a game, an animation, your book cover or an album design.

*Rigging and Animation are included as addons*

What you will get :

  • ✅Appealing low poly character with excellent topology.
  • ✅Polished Humanoid or Non humanoid animations effectively working with Low poly geometry.
  • ✅Properly done UVs and coloring using pleasing color palettes (Low poly simple style or hand painted).
  • ✅Full humanoid or any other generic rig with total low poly compatibility (on special request)
  • ✅Low poly Character separate armors, clothing sets, hairstyles, props etc.(based on order requirement)
  • ✅Game Engine optimized low poly 3d character such as Unity or Unreal.

What you won’t get :

  • Rushed poor quality low poly models and animations.

My aim is 100% client satisfaction with the models.

I am at your service. Feel free to place an order now.

Low poly

Low Poly character

Low poly character animation

Low poly character rigging

Low poly model

Low poly animals

low poly 3d


3d modeling

Low poly modeling


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