Review make high quality ink style drawings for you Service

I can make high quality illustrations for you with my style.
Feel free to check my recent works on the portfolio and see if it’ll worth your while 🙂

Some notes before ordering

1. Let’s talk first

Contact me first before ordering to check my availability and better deals on your projects. Tell me what’s it about. The price displayed is only rough estimation depending on your circumstances, so a blind purchase is not recommended.

2. Guide = Results

Be precise and throughout! The more detailed your guidelines and references, the more I can deliver your awesome ideas to the canvas. You want me to draw a guy? Tell me how he looks, what he wear and what he do.

3. What you’ll get
Know what you’ll get on your purchase. Standard quality (in every package) would be in JPEG with approx. 2000px 300dpi, higher resolution requires extra charge. Let me know if you want it bigger before starting the order.

4. Revision?
Quick minor adjustment like changing a part (or two) of the finished artwork is acceptable. Extra charge would be applied when it takes too much effort.


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