Review make cool custom twitch emotes and badges in for you ii sale ii Service

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Please let us know all the ideas you have for this art. If you have references or even sketches made by you, it’ll be a plus for us :3

We will deliver a sketch as soon as possible so that you can see if you like the basic idea and make any important changes in figure or color (if the changes are big/important, we will deliver another sketch. If the change is minimun, it will be visible in the final delivery, though)

We will then deliver a finalized version following any feedback given during the sketching fase. Let’s try to make all necessary changes during the sketching phase!!


Zip file containing your emotes in four sizes

72p/36p/18p! or 112p/56p/28p! All necessary sizes for Twitch!

And a 1000p version as a GIFT!!


Unlimited revisions!!


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