Review make a quick and concise storyboard Service

Storyboarding helps a lot when you carry out an audiovisual idea, and I can help you a lot by creating a simple but concise storyboard in no time! I love draw, and much more storyboards.

I can do it for films, animations, commercials, etc.

  • In 1 day you can have up to 10 frames in basic sketch only for $3 each one.
  • Frames with more than 3 main characters, wide shots, extra wide shots and multitudes would cost double, or more, according the case.

Delivery is in 1920×1080 PNG separated frames. If you want them together in one page, let me know.

To start working I just need a list with the shots you want and their descriptions (the shooting script, or shotlist). And if you prefer, a most deep description of the characters and / or locations for a better representation. Previous rough sketches are also very helpful. The more descriptive it is, the better the result will be for you.


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