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About the gig

I offer my services of professional pixel art work including highly detailed hand drawn animations.

This gig is ideal for you if you are looking for assets for your gamebackgrounds for your videossocial media picturespixel-concept art or basically anything pixel art related.

About my pixel art style

I started out doing cute “chibi” pixel art characters with expressive animations. Through the time I have been experimenting with different styles, from old school NES art to higher resolution modern pixel art. This resulted in me being able to work on a huge spectrum of styles, colorful, dark, high-res, 8-bit etc.

About the packages – the pricing and content of the packages are only informational, please contact me before ordering:

  • In Basic package = a 64x64px art piece with up to one animation
  • In Standard package = 5 animations on 64x64px canvas OR art up to 128x128px canvas
  • In Premium package = 10 animations on 64x64px canvas OR art up to 256x256px canvas


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