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I have been working professionally for eleven years. I have prepared many storyboards for various projects. I can draw colorful or black and white storyboard for your production work.

– Commercial Films

– Movies

– Animation Films

– Personal projects and presentations

Project information I need:

To prepare the storyboard drawings, a pdf format shot list is required. Additionally, visual references for characters and location information will be very useful.

Please review, A sample shot list of the first drawings in the gig;

Panel 1 – Full shot / Eye level : Friendly compound guards on towers not letting main character into compound and 5 raiders approaching from left main character stuck in between the gate and the 5 raiders. Main character is pointing a sawed-off shot gun at them.

Panel 2 – Medium shot / Eye level :Raider holding main character’s Dog above his head with evil smirk on face.

Panel 3 – Full shot / Eye level : Compound guards fire flame throwers at raider setting him on fire (body burn)


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