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Thanks for your visit.

I am Kadir. im an illustrator, storyboard artist and comic artist. I have been working as a freelance for many years. I will help your project in the best way possible.

The services I can offer you

  • Movie Storyboard
  • Short Film Storyboard
  • Adverts Storyboard
  • Music Video Illustrations
  • Animation Storyboard
  • Video Game Storyboard
  • Book Illustration
  • Explainers
  • Introductions
  • Etc

Project information I need

1) Send me the story in English (word or pdf)

2) Tell me the details.

reference photos, clothes, faces, details, places, city, etc..

Prices & Packages

Basic Package: Rough Sketch (details, shading and faces are not included)

Standart Package: Detailed and inked (shading and colors are not included)

Premium Package: Detailed, inked and shaded (like comic frame) ⭐️Most Preferred

Extra Package: Detailed, inked, shaded and colored


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