Review draw professional film storyboards Service

Holbmont/Ballcartoon Studios based in Europe has more than 15 years of experience in storyboards for feature films, commercials, music videos, or everything that needs to tell a story through visualization. If you want to step up with your storyboards you are in the right place! 100% professionalisms

This gig is perfectly suited for Pitch projects or High Quality Keyframes budgets, more than rough storyboards. (For less detailed project check my other gigs)

Why hire me for your storyboards?

  • Best quality: work from a filmmaker expertise, we give attention in details at every shoot with cinematic style.
  • Price: know the phrase? you pay what you get, more than a rough unfinished frame, you will receive a key-frame high quality work that include ( framing, depth of field, source of lights, filters).


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