Review draw political cartoon and comic strip Service

Comic strips and cartoon frames are fun and creative ways of getting your message across: Be it in a business report, a personalized greeting, a call to action or as an advert for your products and services. Comic strips are a powerful attention-getter because of their brief but graphic and colorful nature. It doesn’t require lengthy reading and there’s always a dose of humor mixed in. Comic strips (or frames) are widely used in print, in the web, and in almost anything from tv commercials, mugs, t-shirts and billboards. Personalized comic strips are all the more special when given as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other occasion. They are also great for invitations, event souvenirs or special giveaways.

Here’s my offer: (Illustration is priced per panel)

  • digital pen and ink illustration
  • Illustrations with flat colors (jpeg, png)
  • Illustrations with 2D color rendering (jpeg, png, svg)
  • check the packages for the complete list of gigs.


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