Review draw a stunning storyboard for your project Service

(I added an extended delivery time due to the high number of orders that have activated me without consulting me first).

I’ll draw a simple stunning storyboard for your proyect (no matter what)

Please, to work fluently, i will need at least this deteails:

– Script

– Shoot list (each frame)

– Photographic reference: For character / background / props.

If you want an extra order for text or any indication, please provide me the exact information.

If you only have a script I beg you to be specific in the description of the actions, characters and environment-

Each frame implies a maximum of 3 main character (whos need details) . If you want a mayor number of this character into 1 frame, I’ll charge it for the price of 2 frames (or more according to the case)

I work the frames in a size of 720X480 px 150 dpi (8 x 12 centimeters approx.)

A wide shot, an extra-wide shot, master shot, etc. implies the cost of 2 or 4 frames (some cases more) to include the all details.


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