Review do japanese calligraphy in 2 unique styles Service

I will do professional Japanese calligraphy by HAND in two different and unique styles. I do it traditionally, and will deliver within 24 hours.

こんにちは!エリックさんです。 I make sure all my customers are happy and all expectations are met.

My Qualifications

  • 4 years of practice in Nagoya & Aomori, Japan.
  • Taught by professional teachers.

What I offer in my gigs

  • Gigs will have 2 sets of styles “黒龍傘” (Kokuruu-Sou) and “心龍傘” (Shinryuu-Sou). The 2 styles will be in different papers.
  • Gigs will be delivered to you within 24 hours (Exceptions if the letter count exceeds 20)
  • Gigs will be 100% Handwritten and scanned to remove any blemishes on the paper. This will not affect the overall quality of the Calligraphy.

Gigs that you can choose from

  • MIJIKAI: letter(s) per style. Total max of 2 letters
  • CHUKYU: 2 letter(s) per style. Total max of 46 letters
  • NAGAI: 4 letter(s) per style. Total max of 8 letters


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