Review design your web app or dashboard with custom UX and UI Service

Who am I?

With 15+ years of delivering useful and beautiful design solutions, I offer comprehensive services in product design, strategy, and branding, that meets the needs of the clients and are tailored to the product’s / brand’s characteristics and target group.

Trust the process

I developed these steps to ensure a smooth design process and close work with my clients, giving them control over the project:

1. Discovery – discussing the project, contents, goals, target group, doing research

2. UX discovery – discussing / proposing functionalities, content elements, structure, and (for bigger projects) creating wireframes

3. Design directions – discussing examples of visual inspirations and choosing the style / visual direction

4. Creating the design style (1-2 screens) and basic functionalities

5. Designing the rest of the screens (in smaller batches)

+ optional interactive design prototype

Every step would be approved by you, one by one (with revisions if necessary).

Tailored Price

Due to the large diversity of web / mobile product types, it’s best to estimate the scope of the project individually.

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