Review design a simple twitch or youtube profile banner Service

Hello! I’m Maya 🙂

Thank you for checking out my gig.


In this gig, I’ll be designing banners for your Twitch or Youtube accounts!

There are currently 3 options available for this gig :

Option 1 : banner WITHOUT logo. this option is suitable for those who already has a logo. I’ll just design the layout and you can provide me with your existing logo to attach it in.

Option 2 : banner WITH logo. this option is a set in which I’ll be designing you the custom logo too! Suitable for those who just started their Twitch or Youtube.

Option 3 : Same as “Option 2” but with an added Source File.

The source file for “Option 1” is available as well but will be charged an additional 5USD.


To proceed, All you need is :

1.Reference Picture (If available. You can provide me a reference picture if you would like something similar to the design given.)

2.Personal Details (About me/Ig Account/Fb Account/Details of your scheduled online hours)

And thats about it! Im looking forward to working with you 🙂


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