Review create unique nft design collection 100, 1k, 5k, 10k Service

NFT market is developing very fast, now and there are tones of new arts created every day. To get noticted and earn on NFT you have to have unique and custom art done by professional artist team

I offer:

  • 100% Unique concept character artwork in any style ( realistic, crypto punk style, ape style, axie style, cartoon style, flat style, sketch style and much more)
  • Additional accessory and attribute sets of any theme
  • up to 10K unique random combinations (even Higher 10K possible)


  • Base ART
  1. 1 Base body
  2. 4 outfit
  3. 4 Background
  4. 5 Accessories [ 5*4*4*2=over 100 NFT Collection]
  • 1K Collection
  1. 1 Base body
  2. 6 outfit
  3. 6 Background
  4. 10 Accessories [3*6*6*10=over 1000 NFT Collection]
  • 10K Collection
  1. 1 Base body
  2. 9 outfit
  3. 10 Background
  4. 18 Accessories [7*9*10*18=over 10000NFT Collection]

What’s My process

  • When you place your order, First I will sketch your art and conform that is ok ,Then start to final project.


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