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Welcome or Hi again (*≧ω≦*)

I’m Sen, professional Artist and Pixel Illustrator.

I do consider myself pretty good at this and know that all art you receive from me will match the quality you can see on my profile.

Doesn’t mean I can paint the Monalisa on 8×8 pixels but you get it! ヽ(*⌒▽⌒*)ノ

Quality is top notch and I can send you some examples from my portfolio!


  • A full 16×16 tileset kit is 25$*
  • A full 32×32 tileset kit is 50$*

IMPORTANT: *a tileset kit is around 12-16 tiles.

Isometric Tilesets:

Isometric Tiles are priced differently from platformer and topdown tiles as they take more time and care to create.

Pricing is between 5$ to 20$ PER TILE depending on size and complexity.


A single 16×16 prop starts at 5$.

A single prop up to 32×32 starts at 10$.

Dm for custom size.

Commercial Use:

+ 30$

You may still use the tileset commercially without the license, however you’ll have to credit me and I’ll be allowed to use the tileset for portfolio or advertising purposes.

You can’t escape (¬‿¬ )

Backgrounds and buildings:

A building is 30$, the max size is 200×200 however if bigger than that, then the price will increase with the canvas size.


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