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Do you need a storyboard for your media project? Amazing!

Send me your the shot list of your project and I will use my creativity and insight knowledge of the movie industry and commercials to deliver to you the storyboard you need. You don’t have a shot list but only a script? No problem! I will breakdown the script for you in the most effective way and I will create a shot list that suit your needs for only an extra $20 per storyboard page.

You have a few different options:

1 Page of 6 frames:

‘Bozzetto’ $50 each page

‘Bella Copia’ $80 each page

‘Opera d’Arte’ $120 each page

Or you can have

1 single frames:

’Bozzetto’ $10 each

’Bella copia’ $50 each

’Opera d’Arte’ $80 each

Do you want to add color to your storyboard? This is great! I will do it for only an extra $40 per page.


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