Review create custom nft art and generation 1k, 5k, 10k Service

Do you wish to start your own NFT collection but lack the time or resources to do by yourself? 

Fortunately for you, this is exactly what the job entails!

Hi! I’m Leonard, and I’m a skilled programmer with NFT experience.

What am I going to do? 

  • I’ll Draw the Sample and the Design of the Layers you choose
  • I’ll generate randomly thousands of NFT versions in Png and Json files with no duplicates. Rarities can occur. I’ll also send you the properties metadata, which is ready to use on marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible.

What is the mechanism behind it? 

  • To generate the layers you’ll describe, I utilize Photoshop. To create the art, I utilize a sophisticated IDE and a complex algorithm. After that, it blends the selected layers, saves them as new images and adds their corresponding metadata

What are you going to get? 

  • A handful of created Png images that you choose.
  • Each image has a metadata properties file in JSON format.

What do I require of you? 

  • Absolute nothing, I provide to create the layers on Photoshop, Generate the Entire collection with Software Code and Creating PNG and Json fil


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