Review create an awesome nft pixel art Service

*For resolutions larger than 50 pixel contact me for a quote

I will create unique pixel art characters. You can also give your ideas or concepts for characters.

*I can also create animations

Gig details:


  • 1 Base Image
  • 20 assets within 2 traits. (No Background, I can give flat colors background if asked)
  • 100 characters generated.


  • 1 Base Image
  • 400 assets within 4 traits.
  • 10.000 characters generated.


  • 1 Base Image
  • 500 assets within 5 traits.
  • 100.000 characters generated.
  • An awesome banner for your website


1) Base Image – Base image is the main characters (maximum of 50 pixels resolution)

2) Traits – Traits are different parts of image like Backgrounds,Hats, Eye, Sunglasses, Clothing. *Detailed backgrounds are included only on Standard and Premium Packages.

3) Assets – Assets are specific elements in traits. For example, If Hat is a trait, then Red Hat is an asset.

4) Banner – Some projects use banners on their websites and twitters I will provide it on the premium package maximum of 300x100pixels

*All the files can be magnified as your wish


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