Review create a nft collection up to 10 000 unique images Service

NFT Collections up to 10,000 Unique Images

Each collection created by this service generates a mix and match of the main character/image for the NFT and the traits or components you’d like it to be randomised with.


Main Characther – Polar Bear

Traits – Head Item, Eyes, Clothing, Special Item, Igloo Design, Background Colour,

if you was requiring a 10,000 piece collection we would design;

  • 5 Unique Head Items
  • 5 Unique Eye Styles
  • 5 Unique Garments
  • 5 Unique Items
  • 4 Unique Igloo Designs
  • 4 Unique Backgrounds

We Also Create Animated & 3D NFT Collections! Please Enquire For Custom Packages!

At Virtual Customs we are passionate about designing the best high-definition graphics with our services. We understand the importance that great graphic design has on how customers see, understand and interact with a brand. Professional up to date graphics to represent your company creates a unique identity, and is essential for any business aiming for a worldwide audience, reach out and improve business statistics.


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