Review create a high quality 3d model Service

I am a professional 3D artist working with experience in creating and managing 3D NFT projects, video game models and high poly film assets.

I have more than 6 years experience in modelling and texturing high quality 3D models.

My workflow goes as following:

I gather all necessary reference if needed.

I start by modelling the low poly models using Maya and 3ds Max.

I proceed to unwrapping the UV’s in Maya.

I make the high poly model using Zbrush to add extra micro detail. I also use where needed, Marvelous Designer to create and simulate cloth.

I bake the models together using Substance Painter.

Texturing is done in Substance Painter using my own textures and a large library.

I finish the project by exporting the texture files in your desired PBR workflow.

You will get the finished low poly 3d model together with the exported texture files.


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