Review create a cute pngtuber you can stream with Service

Hello! My delivery times are a little long to accommodate other orders and my other gig, but rest assured, I always make sure to deliver on time!

I’ll be illustrating an adorable PNGtuber in the poses and expressions of your choice! You will be receiving 4 high quality images for each expression with a subtle difference in poses to make speaking with your pngtuber look as natural as cartoonishly possible. They will be in full color with transparent backgrounds, and can in be in chibi-anime style or similar to Animal Crossing, Steven Universe, or Adventure Time style.

The 4 images include:

  • closed mouth
  • open mouth
  • closed mouth blinking
  • open mouth blinking

These are optimized for use in Veadotube mini, which you can easily connect to OBS Studio. I highly recommend using it, it’s very simple and easy to set-up! If not, feel free to choose other apps that are most convenient for you.


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