Review create a custom pokemon or fakemon sprite and pixel art Service

Do you want a brand new original form of your favorite Pokémon or a new Creature in the original games style? Here I am! Create your personal Sprite of your Custom Pokémon or Fakemon. Every Pokémon will be created in the closest style as the one from the games, with every detail, color and pose you want. I can even create new Mega evolutions, Gigantamax, Custom Trainer Sprites or Overworld ones!

I usually work with 96×96 pixels (B&W style, perfect for fanmade games) and will deliver a Png with a transparent background. Every creation is heavily detailed and the pose are highly natural.

Additionals options:

– Backsprite: i will create the Backsprite of your custom pokemon.

– Menù sprite: I’ll add a 32×32 px menu sprite to your order.

– Custom Trainer: i will add a Custom Pokémon Trainer as you want, by providing a description.

– Overworld Sprites: i will create a 4 direction complete overworld spritesheet of your Pokémon or trainer.

– Megas and Gigantamax: please contact me before buying so we can talk about the size of the picture.


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