Review create 8bit and 16 bit pixel art with animated sprites Service

Features :

  • Custom Ideas and Animations are welcome
  • Variety of 8bit, 16bit and 32 bit styles on your request.
  • Clean pixel art with manual anti-aliasing!
  • Smooth or solid animations that nicely fit your Game.
  • Experienced with Color Pallet choices and accepts limited pallets such as NES, NTC, Game Boy, Atari or anything
  • Precise pixel: Precise Pixel Iterative Workflow to ensure that the pixel character and animations represent the design in the best way possible.
  • Licensed for all types of applications and Commercial uses!
  • Good amount of revisions if needed!

Delivered as Sprite Sheet, PNG sequence and GIF

8×8, 16×16, 24×24, 36×36, 64×64, 128×128 or any size!

(contact me first for 200px+ Sprites)

My art is Usually used in:

Platformer 2D games,

Top Down, RPGs and Indie Games in general,

Avatars, Thumbnails and Mascots for Social media and YouTube,

Twitch stream avatars, Emotes, Banners and all other screens,,

Backgrounds, Backdrops, Stickers, Prints and Merch!


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