Review convert your idea into a storyboard to film Service

I’ve worked into animation projects for 3 years, this experience has given me enough wisdom to handle different techniques for the construction of characters and environments: the cornerstones for storyboard.

I can help you with the transformation of your idea into a visual language that you can share with a film-making professional crew. This language is used as a standard method into film industry regardless the country where the movie will be produced. For this reason my vignettes can be used by filmmakers in anything of world.

Usually, in publicity area exists a difference between storyboard and shooting board: the first contains the global narrative line, while, the second explains each shot for the final movie. I can create both, you can show me your script or logline or storyline and I will convert it in a storyboard, or you can give me an existing a technical script and I will do a complete shooting board for your future film process.


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