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Hello, we are meta studio, a professional comic artist and illustrator from Indonesia. for these gigs the artist is bowo aiwi, he likes to make comics like hellboy or mike mignola style,

work flow :

before the project starts, you need to tell how many pages you want to make.

after that we will make a sketch / storyboard for your project, after making the sketch, you have the right to change or replace if there are things in the sketch that are not to your liking, after your sketch is approved, we will continue in the lineart and ingking stage, at this stage You can only change small part… such as hands, eyes or hair, at this stage you can’t change the character’s pose because changing the character’s pose can only be done during the sketch stage.. after the lineart and ingking process is complete, we will continue the coloring process (IF YOU ORDER A COLOR ALSO)

After the coloring is done, we will continue the lettering process


after all the work is complete, we will send the source file (HD JPG/PNG AND PSD FILE).


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