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I’m a freelance illustrator, storyboard artist and Fine Arts graduate with over 7 years of experience working for award winning filmmakers, creative agencies and video game developers in the US, Latam and Europe, as well as companies like HP, Sony, Lilith Games (Rise of Kingdoms) Claro and Legui among others.

I will draw you a storyboard for your pre-production needs. 

Bringing your script to life with world-class storyboard at a most affordable price.

I can do story boards for :

  • films
  • adverts
  • music videos
  • animation
  • books
  • explainer video

What you need to order:

  • Please provide a detailed description of each frame
  • If there are pictures, or references of poses, please attach them
  • Describe what kind of environment needs to convey in the background


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